Saturday, December 31, 2011


I love to read.  
I don't have as much spare time to do it these days...but I so enjoy finding a good book.

Books I Finished in 2011

{I think I am forgetting some...}

Currently Reading

Books I Want to Read in 2012

Any recommendations, friends??  I would love to know your favorite!

{And thank you, Nester for having a book link up!  I love to see what others are reading!}


  1. I just finished Sarah's Key and Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet and highly recommend both. Both stories bring you back to 1942 and then back to present day. Sarah's Key is a fictional story that incorporates real atrocities by the French government to Jewish children during WWII. Hotel on Corner of Bitter and Sweet is a fictional story that addresses the atrocities of U.S. on Japanese Americans during WWII.

  2. @linda - I read Sarah's Key - that was a good one (I think they're doing a movie on it now). Will check out the Corner of B&S, too.
    @carrie - Beside my bed are: Winning Him Without Words, Grace for the Good Girl, Sacred Marriage,(w)hole, and want to read: How We Love and thought I might read How We Love Our Kids, by the same author. Still reading through the Bible, but it's been a year already and only halfway through...We could do book club on Mary Heart/Martha world and Grace for the Good Girl, if you want...:)

  3. You have read some great books! I loved the Hunger Games! :)

  4. hey!! i have grace for the good girl and seasons of the mothers heart if you want to borrow!

  5. Did you love Still Alice? That book really had me emotional! I am just now reading The Hunger Games, and they are easy to read but the story line has me up at night!

    1. I did like Still Alice. My grandmother has Alzheimer's so I was reading it at my mom's suggestion. So sad to see it from the other side.

  6. Loving your blog. I need to dive back into my reading time so I've taken some notes of books you recommended. Thanks!