Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lots of Wind and Rain

We started with the basics...water, a gallon of milk, homemade pizzas, peanut butter M&M's (for me), hot chocolate (again...me) and flashlights.

We watched and waited...seemed to not be too bad.  Some rain and some wind.

We watched movies and stayed inside all day.

The kids opened a spa...and used lots of powder and lotion.  In fact, I am finding powder all over the house.

Then Monday evening, in the middle of Tarzan, the lights went out.  

And they are still out tonight due to this right down the road from our house.

Thankful that my parents have electricity and don't mind us camping out till its back on...we are warm, safe and having fun!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Well, Hi!

To summarize the major events since I've last blogged, here is what has happened:

-We moved!! And it has been a huge blessing for our family.  

-My husband finished his worship album...a year in the making.

-We were given a van!  I have been praying for one for a year, not knowing how we'd afford to buy one.  It is so nice to have extra room for kiddos and all the toys they drag to the car :).

-We went to the Outer Banks on vacation and had a wonderful time with my family.  Our favorite place to relax is the Outer Banks!

-We started our second year of homeschooling!  So far it has been amazing and I don't anticipate that changing soon.  Anna loves to learn and we have so much fun doing it together.  And I now have an almost 3 year old who wants to be on the action or the schoolroom will be destroyed.  So he listens and does his own "school".

-We are having another another little one join us this April (my guess will be the end of March...hopefully not on Easter.  I can just see it now...calling my husband during the middle of him leading worship). Although we are planning on having a home birth so that makes it a tad simpler. :)

Am I missing anything? Oh yes, God has been so faithful.  Everyday I wake up feeling so blessed.  He is in the details of our life, weaving together the pieces: from our new home, to encouraging friends, to giving grace for each day my kids and I learn together, to a Bible study with wise women of all ages.

So blessed.