Friday, March 9, 2012

The Zoo

Our first trip to the Philadelphia Zoo   

Top three memories from the zoo:
1.  Watching a huge Galapagos turtle enjoy being scratched on the neck by a zoo keeper (see picture above).
2.  In the bird house, Philip was the only one who needed a wipe for bird poop that landed on his wrist.
3.  And last but not least...while we were observing an orangutan, he peed into a toy and then drank it.  This was all caught on video and witnessed by Anna and Oliver.  This is all Anna seems to remember from the day.


  1. haha, love the zoo! want to know something weird?? i have seen a monkey drink its own pee at a zoo before too!!! how strange is that??!

    1. Maybe this is normal? :) or they are just bored! I am always a tad nervous when we approach the monkey/ape area of every zoo we visit!