Monday, March 26, 2012

A Little "Pinsperation"

Oh, Pinterest. I really do love you.
You have brought many, many creative ideas into my world that would definitely never have been.

Already completed
These are actually hanging in the kids' bathroom and you can find them here. Free printables, too cute.

I did a variation of this cake for Anna's birthday (the ombre layers) and Oliver's cake (the sprinkles) and it wasn't as much work as I anticipated.

A version of this is hanging in Anna's bedroom, just need to find fun lanterns like this.

To be completed
How cute are these bracelets? The tutorial for these is here.

And this makes me want to have a summer party.

And this recipe...with fresh blueberries?! Yum.

And I remember Philip's mom making these. So good.

What has Pinterest inspired you to do?


  1. Those printables totally match the bathroom accessories I just bought last week for the kids' bathroom!--reeeally thinking about using them :)