Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Field Trip

One of the many fun things about homeschooling is the field trips.  Anna is studying Cows and the letter 'c' this week so we took a field trip to the Apple Valley Creamery.  The Stoners, one of the sweetest families ever, gave us a little tour of their dairy farm.
We learned about their cows, saw calves that were born the night before, felt the rough wool of a baby lamb, learned about what the cows ate, saw the cow that produces the most milk, fed the sheep some rolls, learned that about 80% of their cows were pregnant, saw the 'maternity pen', and I got my jeans bit by a calf.  It was pretty cute.

Anna named most of the cows and the baby lamb.  She called him Curly. :)
Then we went to their farm house and Oliver played with toy tractors, Anna did a puzzle with Miss Sharon, we listened to Philip and Rachel play worship songs, drank milk from their creamery and ate homemade waffles for lunch.  

A field trip that ends with homemade waffles is my kind of field trip. :)


  1. Aw, our kids would love this! We'll have to check it out sometime! Maybe we can meet up with you guys at Cousler Park this spring :)